Brocade Storefront & Business Card

13 May

Check it out! I designed that logo. And there it is in all its glory on the front of Hillary’s store in the Arcade.

And the picture below shows her business cards (also designed by me) in action!

For more info on Brocade, check out
Or visit the studio at:
28 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

Some Thoughts on the Gym

27 Oct

I hate going to the gym.
There. I said it. Of course, once I get there and start working out, I’m fine, and I always feel great afterward. It’s the “getting myself out the door to actually go there” part that I have trouble with. Every day I have to talk myself into it.
The gym I go to is sort of known for its membership’s youth and good looks and…singleness. I try to avoid peak dating scene hours, but it’s still a pretty intimidating place to go. I’m doing this new thing where I force myself to walk through what my friend Ashley calls “The Man Floor” to get to the movie/cardio room (best idea ever). The Man Floor is where all the free weights and weight machines are. It’s where all the dudes congregate, and it is the most direct route to the movie room. It’s full of testosterone and steroids and guys on the prowl, and it is the most intimidating area of the whole gym. Once I casually stroll through there (rather than sneaking around the back hallway), I’ve then gotten the thing I hate most about the gym out of the way, and I can relax. It’s all uphill from there.
So on to my main point. Last night, during my self-imposed fear-facing therapy, I narrowly dodged an advance by Bodybuilder Guy. Dude, listen. Once the girth of your thighs has eclipsed the girth of your waist, I’m not interested. And those short shorts are not nearly as hott with two t’s as you think they are. Seriously, go easy on the weights for a while. I like a man whose arms can touch his sides.
Thoughts? Am I the only one who thinks this?

Let’s see if we can

9 Aug

Get this to scroll.

Hello world!

9 Aug

First blog ever!